Nicolas Carlési

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Because Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) have limited perception and communication capabilities, designing efficient AUV flotillas is challenging. Existing solutions are often strongly related to (1) a specific kind of mission and (2) the nature of the considered AUVs. So, it is difficult to reuse these approaches when switching to another mission(More)
We consider a flotilla composed of N autonomous mobile agents. Each agent ignores its absolute position but collects noisy measurements of the relative position of other agents. It has a convex utility function which depends on its control variables and on some global variables, typically, the average motion of all agents during a unit of time. The utility(More)
The control of dynamically stable hopping robots has made great progress in the last decades. This paper deals with modeling and control of Kangaroo hopping robot. It is a one-leg planar hopping robot which imitates the mode of displacement of kangaroos. Lagrangian dynamic model of the hopping robot is computed on the different phases of the jumping cycle.(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Ascertainment bias (AB) indicates a bias of an evaluation centre in estimating the prevalence/incidence of a disease due to the specific expertise of the centre. The aim of our study was to evaluate classification of different types of dementia in new cases appearing in secondary and tertiary centres, in order to evidence possible(More)
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