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The paper analyses the scientific research production of more than a thousand faculty members of Louis Pasteur University, large and well ranked in Europe. We take account of individual and collective determinants to explain individual productivity in terms of intensity and quality. We find that individual variables related to the position occupied are(More)
BACKGROUND Fel d 1 is the major cat allergen, inducing asthma in sensitized individuals. It is produced by the skin and lies on fur. Recently, it was established that the amount of Fel d 1 on fur varies among anatomical sites. However, it is not known whether the allergen production by skin varies in parallel. The objective was to compare the Fel d 1(More)
In this paper we present an original model of sequential problem choice within scientific communities. Disciplinary knowledge is accumulated in the form of a growing tree-like web of research areas. Knowledge production is sequential since the problems addressed generate new problems that may in turn be handled. This model allows us to study how the reward(More)
1 The authors thank Herbert Dawid for helpful discussion. The participants of the ACEPOL05 Workshop, ZiF, Bielefeld and of the I-neck meeting, BETA, Strasbourg should also be acknowledged. We are grateful to two anonymous referees whose criticisms and comments have greatly increased the robustness and, hopefully, the readibility of this article. Murat(More)
Une approche bayésienne de l'identification des inventeurs dans les bases de données de brevets Résumé Cet article propose une méthode bayésienne pour traiter le problème de l'identification des personnes dans les grandes bases de données individuelles telles que les données de brevet. L'apport de cette méthode est mis en évidence à travers son application(More)
This text discusses the approach adopted in a European research project concerning the relationships between science and industry. The analysis uses the notion of actors as vectors for the creation and diffusion of competences and knowledge throughout the innovation process. From this perspective, the article presents some results on the strategic behaviour(More)