Nicolas Carayol

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The paper analyses the scientific research production of more than a thousand faculty members at Louis Pasteur University, a large and well-ranked European research university. The originality of our approach is that we take into account both individual and collective (laboratory) determinants to explain individual productivity in terms of intensity and(More)
Rome. We also thank Laurent Bergé for his excellent research assistance. We would also like to thank the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (grant ANR-06-JCJC-0076) and the Aquitaine Region (AAP program) for their financial support. Abstract The literature on social networks argues that they are clustered because agents like closing triangles (since this(More)
Although in most countries, professors are legally obligated to disclose their inventions to their university's technology transfer office, the latter often does not have the real authority to enforce this rule. We here introduce a model that endogenizes a professor's decision of a form of transfer for her idea. If she does not disclose the idea to the(More)
Based on new comparison principles that take into account both the volume of scientific production and its impact, this paper proposes a method for defining reference classes of universities. Several tools are developed in order to enable university managers to define the value system according to which their university shall be compared to others. We apply(More)
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