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Environmental monitoring is one of the driving applications in the domain of sensor networks. The lifetime of such systems is envisioned to exceed several years. To achieve this longevity in unattended operation it is crucial to minimize energy consumption of the battery-powered sensor nodes. This paper proposes Dozer, a data gathering protocol meeting the(More)
The continuous miniaturization process of computing devices featuring wireless technologies influences our everyday life. Besides well-established communication paradigms such as GSM or WLAN which are based on a fixed network infrastructure, unattended and self-organizing networks are envisioned. These so-called wireless ad hoc and sensor networks open a(More)
Wireless ad hoc and sensor networks are constantly gaining importance due to their wide range of possible applications. The employed sensor hardware and software is becoming more complex and projects realized by means of sensor networks are increasingly ambitious. Despite these rapid advantages tools for sensor network development are still very primitive:(More)
Wireless ad hoc and sensor networks need to deal with unstable links. In practice the link quality between neighboring nodes fluctuates significantly over time. In this paper we evaluate the impact of topology control on routing performance. We propose a dynamic version of the XTC topology control algorithm. This simple and strictly local protocol removes(More)
We present YETI, an Eclipse plug-in providing support for TinyOS development. YETI provides features well-known from development environments for other languages such as syntax highlighting, code completion and error detection. Furthermore, it includes an additional set of tools which are designed to ease the TinyOS development process for both newcomers(More)