Nicolas Bout

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African forest elephants- taxonomically and functionally unique-are being poached at accelerating rates, but we lack range-wide information on the repercussions. Analysis of the largest survey dataset ever assembled for forest elephants (80 foot-surveys; covering 13,000 km; 91,600 person-days of fieldwork) revealed that population size declined by ca. 62%(More)
We studied the meaning of silent bared-teeth displays in a captive group of mandrills (Mandrillus sphinx). We observed the displays mostly in positive interactions, in which case they could advertise the sender's peaceful intentions, though at times they also occurred as a response to aggression. We found no relationship between the direction of agonistic(More)
Cercopithecus solatus is a recently discovered monkey endemic to Gabon, present in parts of the Lopé National Park and the Forêt des Abeilles in the center of the country. It is listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List (2010) due to its restricted species are compiled here. Data collected since 1999 show that C. solatus occurs further to the south, east,(More)
The distribution and status of small carnivore species in Gabon have never been comprehensively assessed. We collated data from general wildlife surveys, camera-trap and transect studies and analyses of bushmeat consumption and trade, to map their country-wide occurrence and assess current exploitation levels. Records of Common Slender Mongoose Herpestes(More)
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