Nicolas Bonnevialle

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The normal glenoid has a pear-shape aspect and is slightly retroverted. It has a variable orientation in the sagittal plane. The cartilage surface area corresponds to 28 % of the area of the humeral head with a radius of curvature greater than the humeral head. Mechanical properties are significantly higher at the center and posterior edge of the glenoid.(More)
CONTEXT The floating shoulder (FS) is an uncommon injury, which can be managed conservatively or surgically. The therapeutic option remains controversial. AIMS The goal of our study was to evaluate the long-term results and to identify predictive factors of functional outcomes. SETTINGS AND DESIGN Retrospective monocentric study. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
Indications and technique of combined medial and lateral column procedures in severe extrinsic elbow contractures Leitthema Of the numerous potential causes for elbow stiffness, the causes and pathophys-iologic mechanisms dictate treatment and affect prognosis. Extrinsic contrac-ture typically involves only the soft tissues around the elbow, sparing the(More)
Severe extrinsic elbow contracture can be treated effectively using elbow arthrolysis to obtain satisfactory results. Preoperative planing is of prime importance to evaluate joint involvement and to decide how to approach the capsule from the lateral or medial aspect of the elbow. Most of the time because of the extensive involvement of the periarticular(More)
Shelf arthroplasty is an old technique which by a classical approach, proposed by Lance in 1925, had a low morbidity rate and long term known results. A minimal invasive approach reduces the magnitude of the operation, its consequences and might allow one to broaden its indications. The approach is 4 cm long at the anterolateral part of the hip, through the(More)
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