Nicolas Bernard

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This study examined the effects of different types of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) programs on vertical jump performance. Twenty seven healthy trained male students in sports-sciences were recruited and randomized into three groups. The control group (C group, n = 8) did not perform NMES training. Two other groups underwent 3 training(More)
Telithromycin, a new ketolide antibiotic, has been implicated in the exacerbation or unmasking of myasthenia gravis. This retrospective study presents two clinical reports and summarizes eight other suspected cases notified to the French pharmacovigilance system, highlighting a potentially life-threatening risk of telithromycin treatment in myasthenic(More)
—Authentication is one of the biggest issues concerning information security in the context of distributed environments. Actually, this crucial step enables both to authorize (or not) a user to access a resource and to define different classes of users on the system. Many papers, like [16], [17], expound various solutions to provide authentication in(More)
Sarcoidosic neurological manifestations are uncommon. Isolated cranial nerve's injury is exceptional. The authors report the case of a 29 year-old woman with a trigeminal nerve tumor. Surgery and anatomopathology led to the diagnosis of sarcoidosic infiltration. No other neurological or extra-neurological localization was found. Cranial fifth nerve injury(More)
– Classical Bloom filters may be used to elegantly check if an element e belongs to a set S, and, if not, to add e to S. They do not store any data and only provide boolean answers regarding the membership of a given element in the set, with some probability of false positive answers. Bloom filters are often used in caching system to check that some(More)
In a clinical trial involving 40 fully dentate persons, three different intraoral procedures to determine the sagittal condyle path inclination were checked for accuracy. In each test person the condyle path inclination was determined three times, i.e. by the central bearing point method, the protrusive check-bite method and by a protrusive bite record(More)