Nicolas Beechey-Newman

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BACKGROUND Breast duct microendoscopy is a new technique that allows direct visualization of the mammary ductal epithelia and has the potential to provide greater accuracy in the diagnosis of benign and malignant breast conditions. We have already established the feasibility of BDME on mastectomy specimens and in patients both under general and local(More)
Sentinel node biopsy (SNB) in primary breast cancer has been taken-up widely to avoid the morbidity attributable to axillary node clearance (ANC). Currently many issues surrounding SNB are undecided. This review summarises why some form of axillary surgery is required and presents data on all aspects of SNB including methodology, clinical results and(More)
OBJECTIVE Endocrine agents have been widely used in the treatment of mastalgia. Toremifene is an agent that predominantly has antiestrogenic properties with minimal estrogenic activities. This study was aimed at investigating this drug in the treatment of mastalgia and to evaluate its tolerability and efficacy. METHODS Seventeen premenopuasal women with a(More)
BACKGROUND The treatment of Paget disease by mastectomy has been challenged recently in favor of breast-conserving techniques. A large series of patients treated with mastectomy has been reviewed to assess the feasibility of less radical surgery. METHODS The cases of 70 women with a clinical diagnosis of Paget disease were reviewed. The type, grade,(More)
3D dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance (MR) images may help to reduce the high re-excision rate associated with breast conserving surgery. However these images are acquired prone, whilst surgery is performed supine which results in a large deformation that limits their usefulness. We describe here a registration technique based on a biomechanical(More)
BACKGROUND Although several studies have examined breast carcinoma in young women aged < or = 35 years at diagnosis, there are only occasional cases reported in very young women aged < or = 25 years, and, to the authors' knowledge, no series are available. The presentation, tumor biology, behavior, and outcome of breast carcinoma in very young women are not(More)
Gigantomastia by definition means bilateral benign progressive breast enlargement to a degree that requires breast reduction surgery to remove more than 1800 g of tissue on each side. It is seen at puberty or during pregnancy. The etiology for this condition is still not clear, but surgery remains the mainstay of treatment. We present a unique case of(More)