Nicolas Barrier

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This paper presents the current status of the French treebank developed at Paris 7 (Abeillé et al., 2003a). The corpus comprises 1 million words from the newspaper le Monde, fully annotated and disambiguated for parts of speech, inflectional morphology, compounds and lemmas, and syntactic constituents. It is representative of contemporary normalized written(More)
This paper describes work on creating elementary trees for adjective and predicative noun it adds a fourth dimension, specially designed for word order specification. 1 The metagrammar compiler Metagrammars represent a TAG as a multiple inheritance network, whose classes specify syntactic properties. An important aspect of classes is that they are all(More)
41 In this paper we present LEXIK. a /ool which allows lo mainlain and gather data on wide coverage grammars based on the Xf'AG format. We present the tool, show how it is used within the FTAG project (Abei/le & al. 2000a). and compare it lo similar work done on the Xtag grammar for English (Sarkar & Wintner 99). Jntroduction Over the past ten years, FT AG,(More)
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