Nicolas Barrier

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This paper presents the current status of the French treebank developed at Paris 7 (Abeillé et al., 2003a). The corpus comprises 1 million words from the newspaper le Monde, fully annotated and disambiguated for parts of speech, inflectional morphology, compounds and lemmas, and syntactic constituents. It is representative of contemporary normalized written(More)
On the basis of the Mn(3+) for Fe(3+) substitution in Pb(2-x)Ba(x)Fe2O5, a novel oxide Pb1.3Ba0.7MnFeO5 has been synthesized at normal pressure. Though it belongs to the same structural family, the mixed "MnFe" oxide exhibits a very different structural distortion of its framework compared to the pure "Fe2" oxide, due to the Jahn-Teller effect of Mn(3+).(More)
An homologous series of layered oxysulfides Sr2MnO2Cu(2m-delta)S(m+1) with metamagnetic properties is described. Sr2MnO2Cu(2-delta)S2 (m = 1), Sr2MnO2Cu(4-delta)S3 (m = 2) and Sr2MnO2Cu(6-delta)S4 (m = 3), consist of MnO2 sheets separated from antifluorite-type copper sulfide layers of variable thickness by Sr(2+) ions. All three compounds show substantial(More)
This paper describes work on creating elementary trees for adjective and predicative noun it adds a fourth dimension, specially designed for word order specification. 1 The metagrammar compiler Metagrammars represent a TAG as a multiple inheritance network, whose classes specify syntactic properties. An important aspect of classes is that they are all(More)
Topotactic modification, by both oxidation and reduction, of the composition, structures, and magnetic properties of the layered oxychalcogenides Sr4Mn3O7.5Cu2Ch2 (Ch=S, Se) is described. These Mn3+ compounds are composed of alternating perovskite-type strontium manganese oxide slabs separated by anti-fluorite-type copper chalcogenide layers and are(More)
41 In this paper we present LEXIK. a /ool which allows lo mainlain and gather data on wide coverage grammars based on the Xf'AG format. We present the tool, show how it is used within the FTAG project (Abei/le & al. 2000a). and compare it lo similar work done on the Xtag grammar for English (Sarkar & Wintner 99). Jntroduction Over the past ten years, FT AG,(More)
A new 3D rare-earth hybrid material Eu(p-O(3)PC(6)H(4)COO) has been synthesised by a hydrothermal route from Eu(NO(3))(3) x 5 H(2)O and the rigid precursor, 4-phosphonobenzoic acid. The structure of Eu(p-O(3)PC(6)H(4)COO) has been solved by X-ray diffraction on a powder sample and is described as an inorganic network in which both carboxylic and phosphonic(More)
The novel quaternary reduced molybdenum oxides Ca(x)R(17-x)Mo(19)O(46) (4 < or = x < or = 7; R = Ce, Pr, Sm, and Gd) have been synthesized by a solid-state reaction at 1400 degrees C for 48 h in sealed molybdenum crucibles. The crystal structure was determined on a single crystal of Ca(5.24)R(11.76)Mo(19)O(46) by X-ray diffraction. This compound(More)
Synthesis of thiophene-2,5-diphosphonic acid 2 is reported, and its use for synthesis of the original pristine materials Mn(2)(O(3)P-C(4)H(2)S-PO(3))·2H(2)O 3 is reported. The structure of material 3 has been fully resolved from single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Mn(2)(O(3)P-C(4)H(2)S-PO(3))·2H(2)O 3 crystallizes in a monoclinic cell (space group P2) with(More)
A new β-CdTeO3 polymorph was obtained by hydrothermal synthesis and its structure was solved ab initio from powder X-ray diffraction data. It appears that the structure of β-CdTeO3 (Pnma, Z = 16, a = 7.45850(3) Å, b = 14.52185(6) Å, c = 11.04584(5) Å) is closely related to that of α-CdTeO3 (P21/c, Z = 8, a = 7.790(1) Å, b = 11.253(2) Å, c = 7.418(1) Å, β =(More)