Nicolas B. Wilson

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447 the therapist may enhance the therapeutic alliance and help reduce dropout; and the focus on emotions other than anger may allow other skills to be learned (e.g., emotion identification and regulation) to treat skill deft-cits likely to contribute to aggressive and violent behavior. The intimacy-distance ]nvcess coding system: A functional approach to(More)
Motif finding, the search for regulatory sequences in DNA, is a computationally expensive challenge in bioinformatics. This paper presents a pleasantly parallel version of Tompa’s exact method for finding short motifs. We use a distributed-memory computer cluster and MPI to run our parallel algorithm and collect data. We vary motif length and allowed(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to describe the psychological functioning of interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome patients utilizing MMPI-2-RF scoring. METHODS The MMPI-2 was administered to 60 individuals who reported a diagnosis of IC. Responses were scored in the MMPI-2-RF format. Fifty-one protocols were deemed valid. RESULTS Elevations were(More)
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