Nicolas B. Comerford

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Historically, Florida soils stored the largest amount of soil organic carbon (SOC) among the conterminous U.S. states (2.26 Pg). This region experienced rapid land use/land cover (LULC) shifts and climate change in the past decades. The effects of these changes on SOC sequestration are unknown. The objectives of this study were to 1) investigate the change(More)
Pitch canker disease (Fusarium circinatum Nirenberg & O'Donnell) causes serious shoot dieback, reduced growth and mortality in pines found in the southern and western USA, and has been linked to nutrient imbalances. Poultry houses with forced-air ventilation systems produce nitrogen (N) emissions. This study analyzed spatial correlations between pitch(More)
In environmental soil-landscape modeling (ESLM), the selection of predictive variables is commonly contingent on the researchers’ domain expertise on soileenvironment processes. This variable selection strategy may suffer bias or even fail in regions where the process knowledge is insufficient. To overcome this problem, this study demonstrates a holistic(More)
Real soil-landscapes are complex consisting of an inextricable mix of patterns and noise varying continuously in the space-time continuum. Soils and parent material show gradual variations in the horizontal and vertical planes forming 3D bodies that are commonly anisotropic. There is no real beginning and end point in soil-landscapes because environmental(More)
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