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It is well known now that most real-world complex networks have some properties which make them very different from random networks. In the case of interactions between authors of messages in a mailing-list, however, a multi-level structure may be responsible for some of these properties. We propose here a rigorous but simple formalism to investigate this(More)
Wikipedia is nowadays a widely used encyclopedia, and one of the most visible sites on the Internet. Its strong principle of collaborative work and free editing sometimes generates disputes due to disagreements between users. In this article we study how the wikipedian community resolves the conflicts and which roles do wikipedian choose in this process. We(More)
Online IR tools have to take into account new phenomena linked to the appearance of blogs, wiki and other collaborative publications. Among these collaborative sites, Wikipedia represents a crucial source of information. However, the quality of this information has been recently questionned. A better knowledge of the contributors' behaviors should help(More)
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