Nicolas Arnaud

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The use of interactive screen media is widespread and for some users leads to pathological symptoms that are phenomenologically similar to signs of addictive disorders. Addictive use of computer games and other Internet applications, such as social media can be distinguished. In the past standard criteria to classify this new disorder were lacking. In(More)
It is unclear whether gene regulatory changes that drive evolution at the population and species levels [1-3] can be extrapolated to higher taxonomic levels. Here, we investigated the role of cis-regulatory changes in fruit evolution within the Brassicaceae family. REPLUMLESS (RPL, At5g02030) controls development of the replum, a structure with an important(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND Mid to late adolescence is characterised by a vulnerability to problematic substance use since the consumption of alcohol and illicit drugs is frequently initiated and increased in this life period. While the detrimental long- and short-term effects of problematic consumption patterns in adolescence pose a major public health(More)
Carpels are leaf-like structures that bear ovules, and thus play a crucial role in the plant life cycle. In angiosperms, carpels are the last organs produced by the floral meristem and they differentiate a specialized meristematic tissue from which ovules develop. Members of the three-amino-acid-loop-extension (TALE) class of homeoproteins constitute major(More)
A new regulatory pathway involved in plant response to oxidative stress was revealed using the iron-induced Arabidopsis ferritin AtFER1 as a model. Using pharmacological and genetic approaches, the DownSTream (DST) cis-acting element in the 3'-untranslated region of the AtFER1 mRNA was shown to be involved in the degradation of this transcript, and(More)
Trying to detect the gravitational wave (GW) signal emitted by a type II super-nova is a main challenge for the GW community. Indeed, the corresponding wave-form is not accurately modeled as the supernova physics is very complex; in addition, all the existing numerical simulations agree on the weakness of the GW emission, thus restraining the number of(More)