Nicolas Aigner

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UNLABELLED Following introduction of the compulsory use of seat belts in cars, whiplash injuries of the cervical spine have become common in everyday practice. Current treatment approaches lead to resolution of the symptoms within a short time in most cases but cannot prevent a small proportion of patients developing persistent health problems. The effects(More)
We carried out a prospective, randomised controlled trial on two groups of 40 patients with painful calcific tendonitis and a mean age of 48.4 years (32.5 to 67.3). All were to undergo arthroscopic removal of the calcific deposit within six months after randomisation. The 40 patients in group I received ultrasound-guided needling followed by high-energy(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the reproducibility and transferability of texture features between MR centers, and to compare two feature selection methods and two classifiers. MATERIALS AND METHODS Coronal T1-weighted MR images of the knees of 63 patients, divided into three groups, were included in the study. MR images were obtained at three different MR(More)
BACKGROUND Bone marrow edema (BME) is a common cause of hip pain. The aim of the study was to assess the efficacy of the vasoactive drug iloprost in the treatment of BME of femoral head. MATERIALS AND METHODS We reviewed 27 patients (19 male, 8 female) with BME of the femoral head. Their mean age was 53.7 +/- 10.8 years. All patients were treated with(More)
BACKGROUND Intra-articular shift (migration) of bone marrow edema syndrome (BMES) is a very rare disease. Only a few cases have been reported thus far. The condition may cause the clinician to suspect an aggressive disease. METHODS We reviewed eight patients (four women and four men) with unilateral BMES located in the knee. The patients were aged 39 to(More)
Bacterial cellulose (BC) aerogels, which are fragile, ultra-lightweight, open-porous and transversally isotropic materials, have been reinforced with the biocompatible polymers polylactic acid (PLA), polycaprolactone (PCL), cellulose acetate (CA), and poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), respectively, at varying BC/polymer ratios. Supercritical carbon dioxide(More)
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