Nicolai Schmittberger

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The Distributed Embedded Systems Testbed (DES-Testbed) is a hybrid wireless mesh and wireless sensor network that has been deployed at Freie Universität Berlin and was successively extended from November 2007 to December 2010. This technical report gives an overview of the current topology and the properties of the IEEE 802.11 wireless mesh network that is(More)
Next to traditional communication systems like servers or routers at the backbone and personal computers or laptops acting as clients, the Future Internet will additionally comprise many so-called smart objects. Most of everyday devices like coffee machines, fridges, or light switches will participate in this Internet of Things (IoT).Small-sized computers(More)
Existing security systems for Wireless Sensor Networks are either not able to cover all security requirements or are seriously affected by too high communications expenses to enable realistic deployments. We present a new security system for event-driven Wireless Sensor Networks, called PaRSec, that covers all security requirements with adequate expenses,(More)
Flooding is an essential and critical service in computer networks that is used by many routing protocols to send packets from a source to all nodes in the network. As the packets are forwarded once by each receiving node, many copies of the same packet traverse the network which leads to high redundancy and unnecessary usage of the sparse capacity of the(More)
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