Nicolai Pogrebnyakov

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When disasters strike and aid agencies pour in to help the survivors they are increasingly making use of advanced information and communication technologies (ICTs). For remote areas of developing countries, this use of ICTs may be the community' s first exposure to these technologies. And while the role of these ICTs is primarily linked to disaster response(More)
Social exclusion is a multi dimensional phenomenon that manifests itself in the exclusion of an individual from one or more of the four following activities: production of goods and services, consumption, civil engagement, and social interaction. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have been argued to have the potential to reduce these forms(More)
This study investigates how emergency response organizations use social media during emergency preparedness and response. Using qualitative (interviews and documents) and quantitative (Facebook posts) data, the study identifies several uses of social media in emergency preparedness and emergency management, as well as the organizational context that affects(More)
Entry of foreign mobile network operators (MNOs) increases competition and results in lower prices, which in turn can lead to increased levels of adoption. This study aims to systematically evaluate increasing international involvement (i.e., internationalization) of MNOs across several levels of analysis and consistently assess the impact of the regional(More)
This paper investigates the intent to use electronic newspaper in three Scandinavian countries. It explores the influence of perceived technology substitution, cultural factors as well as perceived ease of use and usefulness. Electronic newspaper is seen as a substitute to the printed kind that is distributed digitally on e-reader platforms. The data came(More)
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