Nicolai Peitersen

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Fermentations with mixed cultures of the cellulolytic fungus Trichoderma viride and the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae or Candida utilis were examined. The fermentations were carried out in an aerated 5 liter fermentor with NaOH treated barley straw as the cellulose source (2-4%). Yeast was inoculated 24-32 hr after the fungus and the growth of the two(More)
Acetolactate decarboxylase activity has been detected among three genera, nine species and 263 strains of lactic acid bacteria tested in the course of a screening for acetolactate decarboxylases amenable for use in brewing as maturation aid. Streptococcus diacetylactis strain FD-64-D was found to generate a decarboxylase exhibiting a satisfactory activity(More)
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