Nicolai Netzhammer

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BACKGROUND Skills labs provide a sheltered learning environment. As close supervision and individual feedback were proven to be important in ensuring effective skills training, we implemented a cross-year peer tutor system in our skills lab of internal medicine that allowed intense training sessions with small learning groups (3-4 students) taught by one(More)
Interneuronal networks in the spinal ventral horn are plausible substrates for mediating anesthetic-induced immobility. Here, we investigated how their activity is affected by clinically relevant concentrations of thiopental, a barbiturate in clinical use. In cultured spinal cord slices from mice, thiopental reduced action potential activity with an EC(50)(More)
BACKGROUND Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a potentially life-threatening condition, which can occur when patients with alcohol use disorders undergo general anesthesia. Excitatory amino acids, such as glutamate, act as neurotransmitters and are known to play a key role in alcohol withdrawal syndrome. To understand this process better, we investigated the(More)
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