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BACKGROUND The pathogenesis for colorectal cancer remains unresolved. A growing body of evidence suggests a direct correlation between cyclooxygenase enzyme expression, prostaglandin E2 metabolism and neoplastic development. Thus further understanding of the regulation of epithelial functions by prostaglandin E2 is needed. We hypothesized that patients with(More)
BACKGROUND Colonic diverticular disease is a bothersome condition with an unresolved pathogenesis. It is unknown whether a neuroepithelial dysfunction is present. The aim of the study was two-fold; (1) to investigate colonic epithelial ion transport in patients with diverticulosis and (2) to adapt a miniaturized Modified Ussing Air-Suction (MUAS) chamber(More)
Petrous apex cephalocele (PAC) is a rare lesion, which represents a herniation from the posteriolateral portion of Meckel's cave into the petrous apex. The pathologic explanation is still unknown. We report a patient with clinical symptoms of facial pain, hearing loss and cerebrospinal fluid otorrhea. A computertomography and a magnetic resonance scan(More)
Brain parenchymal extravasation of contrast has been described after infusion of larger amounts of iodinated X-ray contrast agent. We describe a case in which a patient after infusion of 500 ml iomeprole 350 mg/ml developed neurological symptoms and a subsequent cerebral computed tomography (CT) scan was interpreted as subarachnoid haemorrhage. The patient(More)
The Finometer measures haemodynamic parameters including cardiac output (CO) using non-invasive volume-clamp techniques. The aim of this study was to determine the accuracy of the Finometer in hyperdynamic cirrhotic patients using an invasive indicator dilution technique as control. CO was measured in twenty-three patients referred for invasive measurements(More)
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