Nicolae Tandareanu

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Processing natural language statements to obtain equivalent translations in a different language has long been an area of research in Artificial Intelligence. Still, most existing approaches are word-to-word translations and thus cannot ensure high-quality translations by considering the whole meaning of the statement. The translation mechanism presented in(More)
The concept of semantic schema (or θ-schema) is an abstract structure and can be used to represent knowledge. As defined in [9], this structure uses one operator symbol denoted by θ. In this paper we present the following concepts and results: we introduce the concept of Θ-schema (or generalized semantic schema), where Θ = {θ 1 ,. .. , θ n } is a finite set(More)
In this paper we reconsider the computations accomplished in a semantic schema. We reconsider also the computations in a master-slave systems of semantic schemas introduced in [6] as a cooperating system of such structures. We show that a master-slave system is adequate to represent distributed knowledge. To relieve this fact we describe such a system named(More)