Nicolae Tandareanu

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Processing natural language statements to obtain equivalent translations in a different language has long been an area of research in Artificial Intelligence. Still, most existing approaches are word-to-word translations and thus cannot ensure high-quality translations by considering the whole meaning of the statement. The translation mechanism presented in(More)
In this paper we shall propose a knowledge representation method, the deduction process in a knowledge representation and reasoning system using this method and therefore the answer function of such a system. This is an algebraic method because some concepts of universal algebra are used. More precisely, we introduce the concept of knowledge base with(More)
In this paper we reconsider the computations accomplished in a semantic schema. We reconsider also the computations in a master-slave systems of semantic schemas introduced in [6] as a cooperating system of such structures. We show that a master-slave system is adequate to represent distributed knowledge. To relieve this fact we describe such a system named(More)
The concept of semantic schema (or θ-schema) is an abstract structure and can be used to represent knowledge. As defined in [9], this structure uses one operator symbol denoted by θ. In this paper we present the following concepts and results: we introduce the concept of Θ-schema (or generalized semantic schema), where Θ = {θ 1 ,. .. , θ n } is a finite set(More)