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Chemotaxis is a morphogenetic mechanism that consists of cell movement along a concentration gradient. Since cell adhesion is essential for cell migration and tissue integrity, and morphogenesis also involves chemotactic cell movement, we conducted a study of the influence of adhesion and chemotaxis on cell seeding of scaffolds. We built three-dimensional(More)
Ant Miner is the application of Ant Colony Optimization algorithm in data classification problem. Since it was proposed by Parpinelli et al., in 2001, a lot of data classification studies were performed with the aid of this algorithm. Also a lot of comparisons were performed between the results obtained with this algorithm and the results obtained by(More)
The organisation of a heterotypic multicellular system is intensely studied in developmental biology, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.To address this problem, we have created a computational model of a biological system made of two cell populations of various cohesivities, and simulated its evolution on the surface of biomaterials of different(More)
The clustering of biological sequences into biologically meaningful classes denotes two computationally complex challenges: the choice of a biologically pertinent and computable criterion to evaluate the clusters homogenity, and the optimal exploration of the solution space. Here we are analysing the clustering potential of a new method of sequence(More)
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