Nicolae Hurduc

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The paper introduces a new class of materials with azo-polysiloxanic structure bearing the property to generate nano-structured surfaces by laser irradiation. The ability to modulate the optical response of the film, through a modification of the polymer chemical structure, has been investigated. The azo-materials were tested for their ability to support(More)
In this paper two groups supporting different views on the mechanism of light induced polymer deformation argue about the respective underlying theoretical conceptions, in order to bring this interesting debate to the attention of the scientific community. The group of Prof. Nicolae Hurduc supports the model claiming that the cyclic isomerization of(More)
The surface relief gratings (SRGs) can be generated when azo-polymer films are exposed to laser beam interference as a result of mass migration. Despite considerable research effort over the past two decades this complex phenomenon remains incompletely understood. Here we show, for the first time, the athermal photofluidisation of azo-polysiloxane films(More)
In the last 8 years, 511 patients (267 men and 244 women) were investigated. It was found that 44 cases (8.6%) were false adenopathies (various types of tumoral masses) but placed in the nodes areas (localized, generalized or deep). There were 467 cases of true lymphadenopathies, 58 new cases yearly (2.32% of all admitted patients and 6.9% of those with(More)
The experimental researches on laboratory animals have proven the neurotoxic potential of acrylamide, translated into tremor, lack of coordination, ataxy, muscle weakness, increased bladder, loss of weight, severe tonic-clonic convulsions and other clinical signs of diffuse central excitement. Also, the acrylic amide is genotoxic, showing clastogenicity or(More)
Some difficulties in the diagnosis of multiple myeloma are presented. The atypical onset (pseudorheumatismal, anaemic, renal or neurological one) as well as the presence of a biological syndrome during some other diseases which may generate the confusion with the multiple myeloma are discussed with reference to the personal casuistry (30 cases of multiple(More)
The surface morphology of azo-polyimide films was investigated after 355 nm Nd: YAG laser irradiation with two different incident fluencies. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) was employed to correlate the laser-induced tridimensional nanogrooved surface relief with the incident fluence and the number of irradiation pulses. The height images revealed that the(More)
Azobenzene based molecules have the property of isomerizing when illuminated. In relation with that photoisomerization property, azobenzene containing materials are the subject of unexplained massive mass transport. In this work we use an idealised rectangular chromophore model to study the dependence of the isomerization induced transport on the(More)