Nicolae Constantin Balica

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Nasopharyngeal carcinoma is the predominant tumor type arising in the nasopharynx with cervical lymph nodes present in 60-90% of all cases at the time of presentation. The most frequent pathological varieties include squamous cell carcinoma well-differentiated keratinizing, moderately differentiated non-keratinizing and an undifferentiated type. We present(More)
The prognosis of laryngeal carcinoma patients can be improved by early diagnosis. The autofluorescence endoscopy has been developed to gain more information about the biologic character of the precancerous or cancerous lesions. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the diagnostic potential and limitations of this imaging technique applied during(More)
Schwannomas of the lip are rare, benign neoplasms which vary in size. The diagnosis is typically made at the time of surgery following biopsy and surgical resection is the mainstay of treatment. We present one case of lip schwannoma: the patient was 25-year-old and he has presented to otorhinolaryngologist for a non-dolorous tumor on the mucosal side of his(More)
INTRODUCTION Mast cells are normal connective tissue residents. Their densities vary from an organ to other, but are constantly well represented in respiratory tract. Mast cell hyperplasia was found in many malignant tumors, but the significance of this phenomenon is still unknown. In the literature, there are few data about mast cell reaction in malignant(More)
Melanomas are malignant tumors that originate from melanocytes. They are most frequently localized in the skin, but 5% of all melanomas interest also extracutaneous sites as mucosal surfaces, parenchymatous organs, the retroperitoneum area, and the ocular ball. The purpose of this study was to investigate the epidemiologic and morphologic data of mucosal(More)
The CO2 laser surgery represents a treatment method of laryngeal bicordal and anterior commissure glottic cancer T1b, T2, N0. In Department of ENT, Timisoara, Romania, during 1.01.2001-31.12.2011 were analyzed 781 files from patients with laryngeal neoplasm. One hundred twenty-seven patients presented the tumor that involved both vocal cords and anterior(More)
The authors present four cases of Wegener's granulomatosis patients with multiorganic manifestation forms, but with a prevalent involvement in upper-airway. Granulomatosis diseases of the nose include bacterial infections (rhinoscleroma, tuberculosis, syphilis, lupus, and leprosy), fungal infections (rhinosporidiosis, aspergillosis, mucormycosis,(More)
Molecular classifications of several malignancies are already accepted and applied in clinical practice. For head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCCs) there exist few and controversial data regarding their stratification on distinct groups or sub-groups and thus, none of them are validated as useful tools for diagnosis and therapy. Starting from the(More)
BACKGROUND Dendritic cells are important keyplayers of various malignant tumors but less studied in laryngeal malignancies. We assessed the immunohistochemical expression and distribution of dendritic cells in different types of laryngeal carcinomas and tried to find if they could influence evolution and prognosis of such malignancies. MATERIALS AND(More)
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