Nicolaas H. Fourie

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Three sympatric fossil cercopithecoid genera (Cercopithecoides, Parapapio, and Theropithecus) occur in Members 3 and 4 at the Makapansgat Limeworks hominin locality, South Africa, and their presence in a single ecosystem suggest a certain degree of ecological and/or dietary differentiation between taxa. Here, we explore the extent of dietary niche(More)
Hair has been shown to archive a uniquely time averaged signal of endocrine activity, and holds attractive advantages for both laboratory and field research. Prior research has explored the potential of hair hormone analysis to examine hormone-behavior relationships. To date, no research has focused on the potential of the technique to investigate(More)
Male olive (Papio anubis) and hamadryas (P. hamadryas) baboons have distinctive sociobehavioral and physical characteristics. In the Awash National Park, Ethiopia, a hybrid population at the contact zone between these two species, exhibits heterogeneous sociobehavioral and physical characteristics. The ambiguity of the hybrid social environment and(More)
Vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus aethiops) often live in close proximity to humans. Vervets are known to raid crops, homes and gardens in suburban areas leading to human–vervet conflict. In general, primate groups with access to human foods experience increased population densities and intra-group aggression. This suggests high stress loads for vervets living in(More)
Hair cortisol analysis is a potentially powerful tool for evaluating adrenal function and chronic stress. However, the technique has only recently been applied widely to studies of wildlife, including primates, and there are numerous practical and technical factors that should be considered to ensure good quality data and the validity of results and(More)
Baboons regularly drink surface waters derived from atmospheric precipitation, or meteoric water. As a result, the oxygen isotope (δ(18)O) composition of their tissues is expected to reflect that of local meteoric waters. Animal proxies of the oxygen isotope composition of meteoric water have practical applications as paleoenvironmental recorders because(More)
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