Nicolaas Claassen

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The purpose of this field study was to examine gender differences in the sweat response reported in the literature in trained men and women during indoor cycling. In the present study, 14 men and 12 women took part in a 90-minute spinning class in preparation for a 108-km road race. Delta body mass, corrected for the volume of water consumed, was used to(More)
BACKGROUND Uncertainty often exists about the comparability of results obtained by different health risk indicator systems. OBJECTIVES To compare two health risk indicator systems, i.e, allostatic load and heart rate variability (HRV). Additionally, to investigate the feasibility of inclusion of HRV indicators into allostatic load assessments and which(More)
African Journal of Psychiatry • May 2013 173 We live in times of deadlines and information overload. Many individuals are mentally and emotionally overextended with conscious or subconscious feelings of apprehension and worry chronically present. The increased heart rate associated with certain psychological states and disorders has, until recently,(More)
BACKGROUND Cynicism, as a personality trait, has adverse effects on health. The question was asked whether cynical attitudes that develop due to work-related stress correlate with stress levels and whether it has a negative influence on health. OBJECTIVES To investigate associations of the cynicism subscale scores of the Maslach Burnout Inventory-General(More)
Background: A high prevalence of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is observed amongst employees in the steel manufacturing industry. Objective: To determine the prevalence of NIHL and current noise abatement techniques implemented at a steel manufacturing plant. Methods: Structured questionnaires were completed by permanent employees at a(More)
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