Nicola Vignola

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AIM The aim of this study was to explore whether red blood cell distribution width (RDW) can help predict the risk of short-term mortality in patients with acute decompensation of cirrhosis. PATIENTS AND METHODS We carried out a retrospective analysis of all patients consecutively admitted to the emergency department (ED) of the University Hospital of(More)
The efficient esterification of various sulfonic acids and sulfonates using polymer-bound triazenes based on the triazene T2 linker is described. Esterification of enantiopure alpha-substituted sodium sulfonates was performed in the presence of an alkylating resin without racemization. Racemization is a serious drawback in the esterification route via(More)
The development of a general catalytic asymmetric aldehyde alpha-alkylation reaction constitutes a major challenge in organic synthesis. Here, we report the first and successful approach toward its solution: (S)-alpha-methyl proline catalyzes the intramolecular alkylation of various halo aldehydes to the corresponding formyl cyclopentanes, -cyclopropanes,(More)
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