Nicola Venturoli

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BACKGROUND The conditions associated with fatty liver disease presenting with normal liver enzymes and the mechanism involved in its development remain to be fully elucidated. AIMS The aim of the present study was to test the hypothesis that fatty liver with normal liver enzymes occurs more frequently in arterial hypertensive patients and to establish(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS/METHODS The diagnosis of cirrhosis is currently based on percutaneous liver biopsy, although this procedure may give rise to false negative results. This prospective study blindly investigates the accuracy of an ultrasonographic score, derived from liver, spleen and portal vein features, in predicting the final diagnosis in 212 patients with(More)
BACKGROUND We describe the Emilia-Romagna screening protocol for all multiorgan donors within this region of Italy and report on the first 2 years of implementation. SETTING Setting is a 24-hour multidisciplinary call service covering the 16 intensive care units in Emilia-Romagna (3,969,000 inhabitants) and a centralised pathology center, directed by a(More)
OBJECTIVE Our study assessed the feasibility of detecting and measuring by sonography the diameter of the thoracic duct in healthy subjects and in patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension. We also evaluated the relationship of thoracic duct size with age and with clinical, endoscopic, and sonographic signs of portal hypertension. SUBJECTS AND(More)
BACKGROUND The use of the Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) score to prioritize patients on liver waiting lists must take the bias of different laboratories into account. METHODS We evaluated the outcome of 418 patients listed during 1 year whose MELD score was computed by two laboratories (lab 1 and lab 2). The two labs had different normality(More)
The folate metabolism pathway has a crucial role in tumorigenesis as it supports numerous critical intracellular reactions, including DNA synthesis, repair, and methylation. Despite its importance, little is known about the influence of the folate pathway on gastrointestinal stromal tumour (GIST), a rare tumour with an incidence ranging between 6 and 19.6(More)
The authors investigated the incidence of pulmonary complications following immunosuppression with monoclonal antibodies (OKT3) in a series of 100 consecutive cases of orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT). Of 17 patients treated with OKT3 (16 for acute rejection and 1 for cyclosporine toxicity), 11 pulmonary infections were observed (65%), 9 of which(More)
CONTEXT The high demand for organs for transplantation necessitates enhancement of organ procurement activity worldwide. OBJECTIVE To detect critical areas in the organ donation process and to assess whether careful monitoring of deaths in each intensive care unit could improve rates of identification of brain death. DESIGN Records of patients who died(More)
The increasing demand for organs for transplantation entails a consensual need for enhancement of organ procurement activity. As organ donors reside mainly in hospital intensive care units (ICUs), the Donor Action programme is aimed at identifying critical areas in ICUs, in order to improve the first step of organ donation. The purpose of this paper is to(More)
The reliability of abdominal ultrasound in screening liver and kidney donors was assessed by correlating ultrasound findings with the suitability of organs for transplantation as determined by direct examination of the organs. We evaluated 100 multiorgan donors (100 livers, 200 kidneys) during a 15-month period. Abdominal ultrasound showed the following(More)