Nicola Venditti

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of differential sensitivity of human-tumor stem cells to anticancer drugs. A new in vitro soft agar culture system developed in our laboratory was applied to testing clonoge-nic tumor cells ('tumor stem cells')from patient biopsies against anticancer drugs. Unique patterns of sensitivity and resistance were documented, and good correlations were observed(More)
Identity and access management (IAM) architectures address the problem of managing the life-cycle of identities and of controlling users' daily operations and interactions with IT services in today's organizations. The huge impact of IAM projects on the business processes and the heterogeneity and variety of environments where they take place raise the need(More)
Calmodulin (CaM), a multifunctional calcium binding protein with no known enzymatic activity, has been purified to homogeneity from bovine adrenal cortex. The purification included anion exchange on DE-52 cellulose, ammonium sulfate precipitation, and separation by molecular sieving on Sephadex G-150. The yield of CaM from 900 g of whole adrenal was 150 mg.(More)
The option of analgesic anaesthesia without hypnotic was investigated in 13 patients, submitted to general, orthopedic or urologic surgery. Induction and maintenance of anaesthesia was performed with syringe-pump infusion of remifentanil 1-->2.2 mcg/kg/m and cisatrecurium, 0.2/air with FIO2 0.3; ecg monitoring, sieric level of ACTH were studied. "Slipping 8(More)
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