Nicola Stokburger-Sauer

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This study highlights the importance of brand image for fan loyalty in team sport. A parsimonious 4-factor, 20-indicator structure effectively represents brand image. In contrast to Keller’s proposed model, relationships between the brand image’s components were discovered. Thus, in line with means-end theory, a brand-image model should incorporate(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Consumer–brand identification Consumer self-identity Brand relationships Product category involvement The concept of consumer–brand identification (CBI) is central to our understanding of how, when, and why brands help consumers articulate their identities. This paper proposes and tests an integrative theoretical framework of(More)
The Internet and digital media have forced many individuals to change their attitudes and behaviours in nearly all aspects of life, including work and consumption. Other individuals, often younger, have grown up with digital media and seem not to have undergone changes in attitudes and behaviours. This research suggests, however, that age should not be used(More)
The quality of an organizational website can be a competitive advantage in an increasingly fierce online environment. This article identifies decisive factors of website quality and assesses their effects on user satisfaction. While past website-quality research focuses on the perspectives of web developers and designers, our study targets web users and(More)
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