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– A very important matter of discussion in power system operation is the oscillations damping problem. As an issue, new more effective power system stabilizers (PSSs) have been implemented, based on non linear control laws and/ or non conventional control techniques such as those provided by use of fuzzy logic and neural networks. Because of simultaneous(More)
This paper proposes a particular shunt power active filter including a conventional three-leg voltage source-inverter connected to the point of common coupling (PCC) between the distribution network and the load. The paper describes the structure of the power filter and then it gives a detailed explanation of the adopted strategy to control the reactive and(More)
With increasing concern over global climate change, policy makers are promoting renewable energy sources, predominantly wind generation, as a means of fulfillment of targets of emissions reduction. This paper presents a system well-being approach to calculate the system reserve useful to achieve the expected risk of Loss-Of-Load due to unit failure and(More)
In the future Smart City, new information and communication technologies will enable a better management of the available resources. The Smart Grid infrastructure is emerging as a complex system where fine-grained monitoring and control of energy generating and/or consuming entities within the electricity network is possible. This will result to better(More)
The electricity has a predominant importance in everyone's life: no one can do (live) without it. However, this involves the use of raw materials, which except for a few cases, come from nonrenewable fossil fuels. It becomes need therefore be able to take full advantage of the energy contained in the fuel, creating cycles that allow to use the energy(More)
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