Nicola Scolari

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Over the past several years, the decades long quartz-dominated timing industry has been increasingly challenged by the introduction of new products or demonstration of prototypes based on silicon MEMS resonators. One of the true advantages of the technology is the fact that well-proven semiconductor manufacturing technologies amenable for high volume(More)
This paper presents a PLL-free transmitter based on an FBAR achieving a 5μs startup time to reduce the crystal oscillator power overhead which degrades the energy efficiency for heavily duty cycled systems. The TX upconverts a FSK-modulated FBAR DCO signal with the IF output of a Phase Switching Divider (PSD) injection locked to the DCO. The PSD has(More)
This paper presents an ultra-low power miniaturized single chip transceiver operating in the ISM band at 2.4GHz. Targeting low power and minimum die size, while excluding RF-options and minimizing the count of external components for low-cost, asks for appropriate architectural choices to obtain high performance. Fast PLL locking and immediate RX-TX(More)
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