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Aim Many researchers and clinicians in the mental health field have given much attention over the last few years to patients with co-morbid problems of schizophrenia and substance use. This population is becoming a focus of attention for all service providers owing to the suggested increase in numbers of patients with these dual diagnoses and the observed(More)
Environmental water allocation is a critical issue in Australia and internationally. It has been prominent in Australia for a little over ten years during which time major policy and scientific advances have been made, but little implementation. This paper examines current understanding of environmental water allocation across a broad range of disciplines(More)
Conventional wisdom has it that we already have enough science to address the problems causing degradation of our environment, including rivers. This is not true. However it is the case that we could be using existing knowledge better, and that we could be doing more to learn the lessons from the huge sums being spent on river restoration and management.(More)
INTRODUCTION The "SAGE & THYME Foundation Level Workshop" delivers evidence-based communication skills training to 30 health care workers in 3 hours. It teaches a structured approach (the SAGE & THYME model) to discuss patient/carer concerns. The aim of this study was to determine whether the workshop had a positive outcome on factors that influence(More)
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