Nicola Santoro

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AIMS AND BACKGROUND The optimal salvage therapy for recurrent ovarian carcinoma has not been clearly established. Response to second-line chemotherapy is low, with a short median survival (8.8-15 months). We investigated the effect of an aggressive approach consisting of surgery followed by intraperitoneal drug delivery and local hyperthermia. PATIENTS(More)
We investigated the associations between the hepatic lipase gene (LIPC) -514C>T polymorphism and lipases, lipoproteins, and insulin sensitivity (Si) responses to exercise training. Hepatic lipase and lipoprotein lipase activities, plasma lipoprotein levels, and Si were measured in the sedentary state and post-exercise training in the Health, Risk Factors,(More)
The past few years have seen intensive research efforts carried out in some apparently unrelated areas of dynamic systems – delay-tolerant networks, opportunistic-mobility networks, social networks – obtaining closely related insights. Indeed, the concepts discovered in these investigations can be viewed as parts of the same conceptual universe; and the(More)
We report a 13-year-old girl with leukaemia and Wernicke's encephalopathy induced by total parenteral nutrition. MRI showed unusual bilateral lesions of the caudate nuclei and cerebral cortex, as well as typical lesions surrounding the third ventricle and aqueduct. After intravenous thiamine, the patient improved, and the abnormalities on MRI disappeared.
In this paper we study the problem of gathering in the same location of the plane a collection of identical oblivious mobile robots. Previous investigations have focused mostly on the unlimited visibility setting, where each robot can always see all the other ones, regardless of their distance. In the more difficult and realistic setting where the robots(More)
BACKGROUND Utilization of alpha-tumor necrosis factor (alpha-TNF) in clinical practice is limited by severe general side effects. Very promising results with low toxicity were reported with administration of alpha-TNF by isolation perfusion in extracorporeal circulation. METHODS From December 1991 to November 1992, 14 patients underwent perfusion with(More)
The distributed coordination and control of a team of autonomous mobile robots is a problem widely studied in a variety of fields, such as engineering, artificial intelligence, artificial life, robotics. Generally, in these areas, the problem is studied mostly from an empirical point of view. Recently, a significant research effort has been and continues to(More)
Consider a set of n > 2 simple autonomous mobile robots (decentralized, asynchronous, no common coordinate system, no identities, no central coordination, no direct communication, no memory of the past, deterministic) moving freely in the plane and able to sense the positions of the other robots. We study the primitive task of gathering them at a point not(More)
Consider a team of mobile software agents deployed to capture a (possibly hostile) intruder in a network. All agents, including the intruder move along the network links; the intruder could be arbitrarily fast, and aware of the positions of all the agents. The problem is to design the agents' strategy for capturing the intruder. The main efficiency(More)