Nicola Roberto Zema

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Leveraging the concept of controlled node mobility in this paper we develop an algorithm for tracking and controlling proximity malware propagation in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Our proposal aims at: (i) notifying the nodes of malwarepropagation, (ii) leading a flying robot along a path in the WSNthat guarantees the minimum recovery time to (iii) heal(More)
Nowadays, natural disasters become more and more frequent. In this paper we propose a communication for flood disaster scenario. In our system, nodes can directly demand a specific type of data without knowing its source. Our approach differs from classic Content Centric Network one by allowing to establish a direct communication with groups of nodes. A(More)
This paper studies the effects of an unreliable communication channel on the Wireless Networked Robots (WNR) rendezvous problem. The objective is to drive the robots to keep a desired formation through local exchange of information. A decentralized cooperative packet-loss tolerant algorithm is proposed to guarantee robots rendezvous despite the presence of(More)
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