Nicola Roberto Zema

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Circular dichroism in the angular distribution of valence photoelectrons emitted from randomly oriented 3-hydroxytetrahydrofuran enantiomers (ThS and ThR) has been observed in gas-phase experiments using circularly polarized vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) light. The measured dichroism for both ThS and ThR, acquired at the single magic angle theta=234.73 degrees(More)
Asymmetric molecular and supramolecular systems are characterized by: i. the circular dicroism in the angular distribution of valence photoelectrons emitted from randomly oriented chiral molecules by their interaction with circularly polarized VUV light; ii. the different stability and reactivity of diastereomeric aggregates. Both these aspects may have(More)
The dynamical behavior of circular dichroism for valence photoionization processes in pure enantiomers of randomly oriented methyl-oxirane molecules has been studied by circularly polarized synchrotron radiation. Experimental results of the dichroism coefficient obtained for valence photoionization processes as a function of photon energy have been compared(More)
The formation of 2D chiral monolayers obtained by self-assembly of chiral molecules on surfaces has been widely reported in the literature. Control of chirality transfer from a single molecule to surface superstructures is a challenging and important aspect for tailoring the properties of 2D nanostructures. However, despite the wealth of investigations(More)
The beta angular asymmetry and D dichroic asymmetry parameters of the methyl-oxirane highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO) band have been experimentally investigated with vibrational resolution using synchrotron radiation. A theoretical calculation of the Franck-Condon factors between vibrational ground state and different ionic vibrational states, in(More)
A photoelectron circular dichroism (CD) study of the valence states of 2-amino-1-propanol (alaninol) in the gas phase is presented. The aim of the investigation is to reveal conformer population effects in the valence-state photoelectron spectrum. The experimental dispersion of the dichroic D parameter of valence states as a function of the photon(More)
A sizable enhancement of the circular dichroism in photoelectron spectroscopy has been measured and computed for the metal complex Δ-cobalt(III) tris-acetylacetonate highest occupied molecular orbital state in the region of the Co 3p→3d Fano resonance. In the resonance the dichroism reaches the maximum value of 5% and even changes its sign as compared to(More)
Leveraging the concept of controlled node mobility in this paper we develop an algorithm for tracking and controlling proximity malware propagation in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Our proposal aims at: (i) notifying the nodes of malwarepropagation, (ii) leading a flying robot along a path in the WSNthat guarantees the minimum recovery time to (iii) heal(More)