Nicola Raffaele Di Matteo

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Semantic search engines rely on the existence of a rich set of semantic connections between the concepts associated to documents and those used for the queries. With folksonomies, this is not always guaranteed. Creating clusters of folksonomic tags around terms of controlled ontological vocabularies is a potentially sophisticated approach, but algorithms(More)
Developed using the principles of the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern, FolksEngine is a parametric search engine for folksonomies that allows us to test arbitrary search improvement algorithms by specifying them in three phases: <i>expansion</i>, where the original query is converted in multiple ones according to semantic rules associated to the(More)
This paper presents the study conducted to design and analyze a morphing trailing edge flap structure for a large aircraft wing. The rear part of the trailing edge flap was modified to be integrated with a set of internal actuation mechanisms distributed along the span of the flap. Additional changes to the conventional flap structure were implemented, such(More)
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