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In the last two decades, the level set method has been extensively used for the numerical solution of interface problems in different domains. The basic idea is to embed the interface as the level set of a regular function. In this paper we focus on the numerical solution of interface advection equations appearing in free-surface fluid dynamics problems,(More)
The problem of link prediction has recently received increasing attention from scholars in network science. In social network analysis, one of its aims is to recover missing links, namely connections among actors which are likely to exist but have not been reported because data are incomplete or subject to various types of uncertainty. In the field of(More)
Ionic wind devices or electrostatic fluid accelerators are becoming of increasing interest as tools for thermal management, in particular for semiconductor devices. In this work, we present a numerical model for predicting the performance of such devices, whose main benefit is the ability to accurately predict the amount of charge injected at the corona(More)
Researches on green data centers have defined guidelines and end-to-end methodologies to increase energy efficiency. Most of these approaches require a disrupting reengineering of the infrastructure and significant upfront investments. Smaller data centers need to reach green objectives with a more incremental approach. The EnergIT project proposes a(More)
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