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Hyracks is a new partitioned-parallel software platform designed to run data-intensive computations on large shared-nothing clusters of computers. Hyracks allows users to express a computation as a DAG of data operators and connectors. Operators operate on partitions of input data and produce partitions of output data, while connectors repartition(More)
ASTERIX is a new data-intensive storage and computing platform project spanning UC Irvine, UC Riverside, and UC San Diego. In this paper we provide an overview of the ASTERIX project, starting with its main goal—the storage and analysis of data pertaining to evolving-world models. We describe the requirements and associated challenges, and explain how the(More)
Many modern applications, from Grid computing to RSS handling, need to support data processing in a distributed environment. Currently, most such applications are implemented using a general purpose programming language, which can be expensive to maintain, hard to configure and modify, and require hand optimization of the distributed data processing(More)
At UC Irvine, we are building a next generation parallel database system, called ASTERIX, as our approach to addressing today's " Big Data " management challenges. ASTERIX aims to combine time-tested principles from parallel database systems with those of the Web-scale computing community, such as fault tolerance for long running jobs. In this demo, we(More)
We study the problem of querying XML data sources that accept only a limited set of queries, such as sources accessible by Web services which can implement very large (potentially infinite) families of XPath queries. To compactly specify such families of queries we adopt the Query Set Specifications [15], a formalism close to context-free grammars. We say(More)
BEA recently introduced a new middleware product called the Aqua-Logic Data Services Platform (ALDSP). The purpose of ALDSP is to make it easy to design, develop, deploy, and maintain a data services layer in the world of service-oriented architecture (SOA). ALDSP provides a declarative foundation for building SOA applications and services that need to(More)
Formal semantics for XQuery with side-effects have been proposed in [13, 16]. We propose a different semantics which is better suited for database compilation. We substantiate this claim by formalizing the compilation of XQuery extended with updates into a database algebra. We prove the correctness of the proposed compilation by mapping both the source(More)
We present and analyze an algorithm for equivalent rewriting of XQuery queries using XQuery views, which is complete for a large class of XQueries featuring nested FLWR blocks, XML construction and join equalities by value and identity. These features pose significant challenges which lead to fundamental extension of prior work on the problems of rewriting(More)
XML messaging is at the heart of Web services, providing the flexibility required for their deployment, composition, and maintenance. Yet, current approaches to Web services development hide the messaging layer behind Java or C# APIs, preventing the application to get direct access to the underlying XML information. To address this problem, we advocate the(More)