Nicola Moretti

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  • Veronica Tofani, Del Chiara, Sandro Ventisette, Nicola Moretti, Casagli
  • 2014
This paper describes the application of remote sensing techniques, based on SAR interferometry for the intensity zonation of the landslide affecting the Castagnola village (Northern Apennines of Liguria region, Italy). The study of the instability conditions of the landslide started in 2001 with the installation of conventional monitoring systems, such as(More)
A combined effect of steaming and heat treatment was imposed on green Turkey oak wood, both for sapwood and heartwood. Steaming was carried out in an autoclave at 100–120–130°C whereas heating was carried out in an oven for 2 h at 120–180°C. Equilibrium moisture content at dry, intermediate and moist state both in desorption and adsorption, swelling, cup,(More)
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