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AIM Language lateralization with functional transcranial Doppler sonography (fTCD) and lexical word generation has been shown to have high concordance with the Wada test and functional magnetic resonance imaging in adults. We evaluated a nonlexical paradigm to determine language dominance in children. METHOD In 23 right-handed children (12 females, 11(More)
We report a case of a dizygotic monochorionic twin pregnancy preceded by intracytoplasmic sperm injection treatment including assisted hatching. On ultrasound examination at 25 weeks' gestation the twins, which had been assumed to be monochorionic, were found to be of different sexes. Karyotyping and zygocity determination were performed on amniotic fluid(More)
Daily individual voluntary intakes of dry matter (DM % of body weight) and estimated net energy (ENE, Mcal/100 kg) by 89 Holstein cows were compared between day 220 of gestation and day 30 postpartum over a 21-month period. The purpose was to compare effects of diet and health status (control vs. abnormal) on intakes of DM and ENE. The cows were fed either(More)
Several methods of varying complexity are available for the measurement of in vivo insulin secretion in man. No study has previously compared these in the same subjects to establish which is the most appropriate for routine use. We have, therefore, compared four methods for measuring insulin secretion in man: Hyperglycaemic clamp (Hy), Minimal model (MIN),(More)
Source of supplemental N was evaluated in three corn silage-based complete mixed diets (CMD) fed to lactating dairy cows. Diets were formulated to be isonitrogenous and contained 60% corn silage and 40% concentrate on a dry matter basis. Diets were: CMD-A, ammoniated corn silage (ammonia provided 16% of total N) plus concentrate; CMD-U, untreated corn(More)
Daily voluntary intakes of feed by each of 89 Holstein cows were compared between day 220 of gestation and day 30 postpartum over a 21-month period. Diets designed to meet NRC requirements and which contained either chopped hay (29 cows), hay crop silage (HCS; 30 cows) or corn silage (CS; 30 cows) were compared prepartum (27 to 0 days), peripartum (1 day(More)
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