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FAM/USP9x, a Deubiquitinating Enzyme Essential for TGFβ Signaling, Controls Smad4 Monoubiquitination
The assembly of the Smad complex is critical for TGFbeta signaling, yet the mechanisms that inactivate or empower nuclear Smad complexes are less understood. By means of siRNA screen we identifiedExpand
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FAM / USP 9 x , a Deubiquitinating Enzyme Essential for TGF b Signaling , Controls Smad 4 Monoubiquitination
Sirio Dupont,1 Anant Mamidi,1 Michelangelo Cordenonsi,1 Marco Montagner,1 Luca Zacchigna,1 Maddalena Adorno,1 Graziano Martello,1 Michael J. Stinchfield,2 Sandra Soligo,1 Leonardo Morsut,1 MasafumiExpand
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A novel functional role of iduronate-2-sulfatase in zebrafish early development.
Sulfated glycosaminoglycan chains of extracellular matrix and cell membrane-tethered proteoglycans exert specific cellular functions by interacting with a broad spectrum of morphogens and growthExpand
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Differential expression and regulation of olig genes in zebrafish
The members of the Olig gene family encode for basic helix‐loop‐helix (bHLH) transcription factors involved in neural cell type specification. Three Olig genes (Olig1, Olig2 and Olig3) have beenExpand
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