Nicola Maffulli

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Tendon disorders are frequent and are responsible for substantial morbidity both in sports and in the workplace. Tendinopathy, as opposed to tendinitis or tendinosis, is the best generic descriptive term for the clinical conditions in and around tendons arising from overuse. Tendinopathy is a difficult problem requiring lengthy management, and patients(More)
Patellar tendinopathy is often treated surgically after failure of conservative treatment but clinical experience suggests that results are not uniformly excellent. The aim of this review was to (i) identify the different surgical techniques that have been reported and compare their success rates, and (ii) critically assess the methodology of studies that(More)
UNLABELLED AREAS OF GENERAL AGREEMENT: Total creatine kinase (CK) levels depend on age, gender, race, muscle mass, physical activity and climatic condition. High levels of serum CK in apparently healthy subjects may be correlated with physical training status, as they depend on sarcomeric damage: strenuous exercise that damages skeletal muscle cells results(More)
We hypothesized that rates of myofibrillar and patellar tendon collagen synthesis would fall over time during disuse, the changes being accompanied in muscle by decreases in focal adhesion kinase (FAK) phosphorylation and in gene expression for proteolytic enzymes. We studied nine men (22 +/- 4 years, BMI 24 +/- 3 kg m(-2) (means +/- s.d.) who underwent(More)
BACKGROUND There is no disease specific, reliable, and valid clinical measure of Achilles tendinopathy. OBJECTIVE To develop and test a questionnaire based instrument that would serve as an index of severity of Achilles tendinopathy. METHODS Item generation, item reduction, item scaling, and pretesting were used to develop a questionnaire to assess the(More)
Sarcopenia reflects a progressive withdrawal of anabolism and an increased catabolism, along with a reduced muscle regeneration capacity. Muscle force and power decline more than muscle dimensions: older muscle is intrinsically weak. Sarcopenic obesity (SO) among the elderly corroborates to the loss of muscle mass increasing the risk of metabolic syndrome(More)
In overuse clinical conditions in and around tendons, frank inflammation is infrequent, and is associated mostly with tendon ruptures. Tendinosis implies tendon degeneration without clinical or histological signs of intratendinous inflammation, and is not necessarily symptomatic. Patients undergoing an operation for Achilles tendinopathy show similar areas(More)
Tendon disorders are frequent, and are responsible for much morbidity both in sport and the workplace. Although the presence of degenerative changes does not always lead to symptoms, pre-existing degeneration has been implicated as a risk factor for acute tendon rupture. The term tendinopathy is a generic descriptor of the clinical conditions in and around(More)
Achilles tendinopathy is prevalent and potentially incapacitating in athletes involved in running sports. It is a degenerative, not an inflammatory, condition. Most patients respond to conservative measures if the condition is recognised early. Surgery usually involves removal of adhesions and degenerated areas and decompression of the tendon by tenotomy or(More)