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The differentiation of Diplodia pinea from closely related species, such as Diplodia scrobiculata and Diplodia seriata, and its detection in plant tissue, represented a critical issue for a long time. Molecular screening tools have recently been developed to address this topic. In this study we applied one of the most sensitive and rapid diagnostic(More)
Bagrada hilaris is a herbivorous insect native of Asia and Africa, which has invaded southern Europe and North America where it causes major damage to cole crops. Laboratory experiments were conducted to assess how the infestation of this invasive species damages the host Brassica oleracea var botrytis, and to evaluate the interaction between plant emission(More)
Latent invaders represent the first step of disease before symptoms occur in the host. Based on recent findings, tumors are considered to be ecosystems in which cancer cells act as invasive species that interact with the native host cell species. Analogously, in plants latent fungal pathogens coevolve within symptomless host tissues. For these reasons,(More)
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