Nicola K Smith

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Problems in ion and fluid transfer across the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) are a probable cause of inappropriate accumulations of fluid between the photoreceptors of the retina and the RPE. The activities of Cl- transporters involved in basal fluid transfer across the RPE have been compared to determine whether Ca2+- or cAMP-dependent channels may be(More)
Tubal segments obtained from patients at cesarean section and at intervals during the first 5 postpartum days were examined to evaluate puerperal changes in the tubal epithelium. The specimens of tubal epithelium were examined under the scanning and transmission electron microscopes. Ciliated cells were most densely distributed on the fimbria and in the(More)
Microsurgical reconstruction of the rabbit oviduct was undertaken utilizing either through-and-through sutures including the mucosa, or sutures penetrating the serosa and myosalpinx but not the mucosa. Patency and pregnancy rates did not seem to vary with the suturing technique. However, scanning electron microscopic observation revealed abnormal mucosal(More)
X-ray microanalysis has been used to determine elemental content in the nucleus, myofibrillar cytoplasm and mitochondrially enriched cytoplasm of cardiocytes in Snell dwarf mice in comparison with phenotypically normal mice from the same strain. It was found that there was significantly lower chlorine concentration in all three subcellular locations and(More)
Effects of intraventricular injections of 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA; 200 micrograms/20 microliter vehicle) on anterior pituitary cell proliferation in rats have been investigated by means of the colchicine metaphase-arrest technique. In those groups of animals receiving 6-OHDA alone or 6-OHDA plus desmethylimipramine (DMI, 25 mg/kg body weight i.p.), where(More)
Three trials were conducted to estimate the threonine (Thr) requirement of male broiler chicks. Chicks 7 days of age were fed a grain sorghum-soybean meal diet containing .59% Thr, supplemented with 0, .05, .09, .15, .22, .27, or .28% L-Thr. Levels of basal and supplemental amino acids were confirmed by ion-exchange chromatography. Diets were fed for 18 or(More)
The effect of hemithyroidectomy (HEMITX) on the proliferation of follicular cells in the remaining thyroid lobe in Snell dwarf mice (dw/dw) and in phenotypically normal mice from the same strain (?/+) was examined by means of the colchicine metaphase-arrest technique. In both the normal and dwarf mice, the mean mitotic activity rate of the thyroid lobe 48 h(More)
Four experiments were conducted to examine the response of broiler chickens to different levels of niacin. Practical-type diets, calculated to contain from 20.7 to 23.7 mg niacin per kg from intact ingredients, were fortified with a complete vitamin mixture which provided 33 mg supplemental niacin per kg of diet, in excess of the National Research Council(More)
Three experiments were conducted to determine the response of the male broiler chick to tryptophan (TRP) supplementation. Chicks were fed from 7 to 18 or 7 to 20 days posthatch either a grain sorghum-soybean meal diet containing .16% TRP, supplemented with 0, .02, .04, .06, .09, or .11% L-TRP, or a corn-soybean meal positive control diet containing .25%(More)