Nicola Jane Willis

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BACKGROUND There is a recognized gap in the evidence base relating to the nature and components of interventions to address the psycho-social needs of HIV positive young people. We used mixed methods research to strengthen a community support group intervention for HIV positive young people based in Harare, Zimbabwe. METHODS A quantitative questionnaire(More)
 In a placebo-controlled double-blind trial 308 smokers were individually randomly allocated to one of four groups: 1) 3 g dextrose tablets and 15 mg nicotine transdermal patch; 2) dextrose and placebo patch; 3) placebo tablets and nicotine patch; 4) placebo tablets and placebo patch. Patients were scheduled to attend weekly smokers clinic sessions starting(More)
OBJECTIVE Early HIV testing and diagnosis are paramount for increasing treatment initiation among children, necessary for their survival and improved health. However, uptake of pediatric HIV testing is low in high-prevalence areas. We present data on attitudes towards pediatric testing from a nationally representative survey in Zimbabwe. METHODS All 18-24(More)
Respiratory failure due to subglottic stenosis is a rare but serious condition. A 22-year-old male presented to the emergency department (ED) with shortness of breath, stridor, and change in tone of voice. The patient did not complain of B-symptoms (fever, weight loss, and night sweats). In the week before this presentation, he was diagnosed with an upper(More)
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