Nicola J. Ferrier

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Currently, the viability of infrared (IR) as an accurate means of measuring distance depends on extensive prior knowledge of the surface. More speci cally, the manner in which a surface scatters, re ects, and absorbs infrared energy is needed to interpret the sensor output as a distance measure. In order to use IR in an unknown environment, one must(More)
Motion capture can be an effective method of creating realistic human motion for animation. Unfortunately, the quality demands for animation place challenging demands on a capture system. To date, capture solutions that meet these demands have required specialized hardware that is invasive and expensive. Computer vision could make animation data much easier(More)
In recent years, flexible robotic catheter systems have been developed for minimally invasive cardiac surgery. These systems commonly include a passive flexible catheter, which is biocompatible, and an active servo system which provides the actuation for the flexible catheter. To relate control actuation motion of the servo system to catheter motion, models(More)
Parallel processes for patterning densely packed nanometre-scale structures are critical for many diverse areas of nanotechnology. Thin films of diblock copolymers can self-assemble into ordered periodic structures at the molecular scale (approximately 5 to 50 nm), and have been used as templates to fabricate quantum dots, nanowires, magnetic storage media,(More)
Acquisition, analysis, and classification of repetitive human motion for the assessment of postural stress is of central importance to ergonomics practitioners. We present a two-threshold, multidimensional segmentation algorithm to automatically decompose a complex motion into a sequence of simple linear dynamic models. No a priori assumptions were made(More)
In this paper, we study the problem of determining a mathematical description of the surface defined by the shape of a membrane based on an image of it and present an algorithm for reconstructing the surface when the membrane is deformed by unknown external elements. The given data are the projection on an image plane of markings on the surface of the(More)