Nicola Ivanovic

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PURPOSE This study evaluates the benefits of targeted early rehabilitation at home after total hip or knee replacement surgery and analyses the cost effectiveness of such a scheme. METHOD Patients recovering from Total hip replacement (THR, n = 220) and Total knee replacement (TKR, n = 174) were assessed in a NHS District General Hospital setting.(More)
BACKGROUND Screw anchorage in osteoporotic bone is still limited and makes treatment of osteoporotic fractures challenging for surgeons. Conventional screws fail in poor bone quality due to loosening at the screw-bone interface. A new technology should help to improve this interface. In a novel constant amelioration process technique, a polymer sleeve is(More)
UNLABELLED Breast phyllodes tumors (FT) belong the fibroapitelial group of breast tumors arising in terminal ductulo-lobular unit (TDLU). Their incidence do not exceed 1% of all breast tumors. Biologicaly they can be divided into benign, borderline and malignant group. Incomplete tumor excision can be the reason for local reccurence. Malignant form of FT(More)
Nano-sized powders of iron oxides have been synthesized electrochemically at temperatures in the range of 295-361 K, and current densities in the range of 200-1000 mA dm(-2). The structure and morphology of the powders were investigated by X-ray diffraction and scanning electron and transmission electron microscopy techniques. Their infrared absorption(More)
We report case of 50-year-old female with mediastinitis due to tonsillitis. Mediastinitis was diagnosed after five days according to clinical signs, radiological examination and computerized tomography scan. The patient underwent mediastinal drainage through a cervical incision and bilateral thoracic drainage because of bilateral pleural empyema. Initial(More)
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