Nicola Galaffu

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This paper is focused on the preparation of a library of highly efficient, tailor made, macroporous resins as supports for reagents and scavengers. From this library a macroporous resin, prepared with 40% cross-linking and with a porogen level of 300% in toluene gave a material superior to those presently available, and was shown to be highly efficient in(More)
Iron, vitamin A, zinc and iodine have been recognized to be the micronutrients with the largest deficiencies worldwide. Among these, iron is highly reactive and may lead to negatively perceived organoleptic changes in products such as dull colour and off-taste. The colour change originated in fortified fruit-containing food products was confirmed to be the(More)
In solid-phase combinatorial chemistry, analyses are performed using a wide range of analytical techniques ranging from gel-phase nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to colorimetric tests to elemental analysis. However, these techniques cannot be used to interrogate functional group distribution at the single-bead level. This paper explores the feasibility of(More)
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