Nicola E. Symonds

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During its lytic cycle bacteriophage Mu uses repeated transposition as a mode of DNA synthesis. These transpositional events are undoubtedly replicative, and presumably semi-conservative. In a Mu lysogen this type of transposition can start immediately after prophage induction. However, in an infective cycle the Mu genome (which is injected into the host(More)
A novel condition monitoring system has for the first time enabled reliable extraction from service and detailed forensic examination of failing rail axle bearings, before the usual catastrophic destruction of the evidence. Computed Tomography has been used to produce a map of the damage allowing targeted sectioning of subsurface cracking. Traditional(More)
BACKGROUND Primary care electronic medical record (EMR) data are being used for research, surveillance, and clinical monitoring. To broaden the reach and usability of EMR data, case definitions must be specified to identify and characterize important chronic conditions. The purpose of this study is to identify all case definitions for a set of chronic(More)
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