Nicola Doherty

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We have previously used genome-wide transcript profiling to investigate the relationships between changes in gene expression and physiological alterations during the response of the immature mouse uterus to estrogens. Here we describe the identification of a functionally inter-related group of estrogen-responsive genes associated with iron homeostasis,(More)
The population structure of Streptococcus pneumoniae in a sample of 134 carried antibiotic-susceptible isolates, and 53 resistant and susceptible invasive isolates, was examined using a DNA-based version of multilocus enzyme electrophoresis: multilocus restriction typing (MLRT). This involved RFLP analysis of PCR products generated from nine loci of(More)
Playing prerecorded intra-uterine sounds to newborns reportedly soothes the babies. This study investigates this claim, particularly because of its promise for identifying neonates with severe hearing losses. 60 babies, up to eight days old, were observed individually under two conditions. In one, activity was rated on the Brazelton scale before and during(More)
Physical and imagined movements show similar behavioral constraints and neurophysiological activation patterns. An inhibition mechanism is thought to suppress overt movement during motor imagery, but it does not effectively suppress autonomic or postural adjustments. Inhibitory processes and postural stability both deteriorate with age. Thus, older people's(More)
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