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Cooling and societal change during the Late Antique Little Ice Age from 536 to around 660 AD
Societal upheaval occurred across Eurasia in the sixth and seventh centuries. Tree-ring reconstructions suggest a period of pronounced cooling during this time associated with several volcanicExpand
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Multi-proxy dating the ‘Millennium Eruption’ of Changbaishan to late 946 CE
Ranking among the largest volcanic eruptions of the Common Era (CE), the ‘Millennium Eruption’ of Changbaishan produced a widely-dispersed tephra layer (known as the B-Tm ash), which represents anExpand
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Qing Colonial Administration in Inner Asia
the perspective of the administrative structures set up in Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Tibet, it appears that both the ideology of 'manifest destiny' reflected in the official compilations andExpand
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Manchu-Mongol Relations on the Eve of the Qing Conquest: A Documentary History
In the seventeenth century the Manchu conquered the whole of China, replacing the Ming dynasty. The original Manchu and Mongol documents selected for the this publication, translated and amplyExpand
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The Cambridge History of Inner Asia: The Chinggisid Age
Introduction Nicola Di Cosmo, Allen J. Frank and Peter B. Golden Part I. The Rise of the Chinggisids: 1. Inner Asia c.1200 Peter B. Golden 2. The Mongol age in eastern inner Asia Peter Jackson 3. TheExpand
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