Nicola Delmonte

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We have developed and experimentally validated a 3D model for thermal analysis and reliability-conscious design of hybrid power converters, using the commercial finite-element solver COMSOL TM. The model was tuned using an accurate packaged MOSFET model and a specially-designed test board for multi-point temperature measurements. Measured and modeled(More)
Practical realization of modern high current and high switching frequency converters (with strong skin and proximity effects) requires a good control on layout-dependent parasitic components and on the power losses (thermal management), in order to meet the goal of high efficiency and reliability. In this paper, the physical realization of a VRM rated at(More)
This work shows results of dynamic lumped-element (LE) thermal modeling of power AlGaN/GaN HEMTs. A realistic 3D structure including top-side metals, GaN-Si thermal boundary resistance, die-attach, and source via hole is modeled using a finite-element (FE) tool, and the results are used to develop simplified LE dynamic thermal models. We show that the LE(More)