Nicola Delmonte

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We have developed and experimentally validated a 3D model for thermal analysis and reliability-conscious design of hybrid power converters, using the commercial finite-element solver COMSOL TM. The model was tuned using an accurate packaged MOSFET model and a specially-designed test board for multi-point temperature measurements. Measured and modeled(More)
This work describes the application of two different test structures to execute broadband microwave measurements of the dielectric constant of ceramic thin films. Coplanar waveguide probes and vector network analyzer were used to measure the dielectric constant versus frequency of thin films of lead zirconate titanate and zirconium titanate, fabricated by(More)
In the sensors field the active sensing material frequently needs a controlled temperature in order to work properly. In microsystems technology, micro-machined hotplates represent a platform consisting of a thin suspended membrane where the sensing material can be deposited, usually integrating electrical stimuli and temperature readout. The micro-hotplate(More)